Speech on "Science - yesterday, today and tomorrow" (150 words)

From early days, science has been playing a major role in our life. All our traditions include science.
For example, women in those days used to decorate their hands by many bangles.When we ask them they'll say that's the tradition. But Science says 'The movement of bangles in hand helps in blood circulation".
Today,we are Chatting,Watching movies,playing games in a computer,using the Internet and whatever we want.We can connect ourselves with the world. These are happening just because of science. We are  sending many satellites ,
finding different things thus improving the technology.But we should be aware that improvement in technology leads to reduction in human population. Because many electronic devices produce much radiation that had already led to the death of many birds.Pollution has also increased. Incoming days would be more risky without water. in such cases, science may help us. Recently, it was found that by using the atmosphere, one can discover water.
so the final conclusion is Science is very essential. The present generation and the future generation cannot run without science and technology.Science is Useful as well as complicated.
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