Spring constant of a spring is calculated using formulae K =4pi2M/T2,where T is time period of vertical oscillation when mass M is hung with the help of spring to rigid support. If time of oscillation for 10 oscillations is measurd to be 5.0s and mass M =0.20kg, find possible error in spring constant K.

Spring constant is given by:
K = 4π2MT2time for 10  oscillations = 5 stime period = 5/10 = 0.5 sM = 0.2 kgK = 4×3.14×3.14×0.20.5×0.5K = 31.55 kg/s2Error in K:KK = 2TTall other quantities are constant.If error in time period is given then we can calculate the error in spring constant.

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