State any 2 consequences which one has to face while dealing with an infectious disease.

Infectious diseases involves the infectious agents like bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. 

The consequences of infectious diseases are:

  • Some of the infectious diseases are communicable i.e. they spread by contact from infectious person to healthy person. They spread very rapidly in the society. So, one should stay away from an infectious person and wear a mask when you need to contact the infectious person. 
  • Some of the infectious diseases are water borne and vector borne. They can be fatal like malaria, dengue, etc.  So, for water borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea, etc be ensure proper disposal of sewage and safe drinking water supply. For vector borne diseases, provide a clean environment, which helps in preventing vectors like mosquitoes from breeding. 

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The infectious diseases like common cold, influenza, AIDS etc cannot be cured by taking antibiotics as they are caused by virus. The means of a disease getting spread are:

Through water, Through air, Through vectors or through cuts and wounds.

In this case the infected person should maintain proper hygiene.

He /she should take proper care of his/her belongings.

He/she should try not to stay in mosquito infected areas etc.

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