state any 5 demerits in election process in india.

In a democratic nation, it is the citizens who hold the right to elect their representatives and their governing authorities. According to a common observation, not all the citizens are fully aware of the political scenario in their country. The common masses may not be aware of the political issues in society. This may result in people making the wrong choices during election.

As the government is subject to change after every election term, the authorities may work with a short-term focus. As they have to face an election after the completion of each term, they may lose focus on working for the people and rather focus on winning elections.

Another disadvantage of democracy is that mobs can influence people. Citizens may vote in favor of a party under the influence of the majority. Compelled or influenced by opinions of those around, a person may not use his own judgment when voting.

Every form of government is bound to have some shortfalls. Different people have different views about the various political systems. The advantages and disadvantages of any political system have to be weighed carefully before arriving at any conclusion.
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5 demerits are :-
1) Elections Create delays in taking decisions
2) A large amount of money is used to held the elections
3)Elected leaders don't know what's good for the citizens which sometimes lead to bad decisions
4)Election leads to corruption as it carries out competitions
5) In election everyone is allowed to vote even the illiterate and poor are allowed to vote from who do not know what's good for the country and one can easily buy votes from them
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Demerits in elections process in India:-
  • Expensive elections
  • Misuse of official machinery
  • Use of caste and religion in election
  •  Rigging of election and booth capturing
  • Misuse of mass media
  • Low polling percentage
  • Delay in the disposal of election petitions  (any 5)
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