State any 5 example of economic and non economic activities

Economic Activities -
1. Teacher teaching in a school
2. Worker working in a factory
3. Doctor in a clinic treating patients
4. A manager working in office
5. A shopkeeper selling items.
Non Economic Activities
1. Teacher teaching his own daughter
2. A mother cooking food in family
3. A person working in an NGO
4. A person praying in religious place
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Non economic activities
1 Housewife doing household work
2 Going to temple
3 Watering plants
4 Reading a book
5 Watching TV

Economic activities
1 Agriculture
2 Hunting
3 Sale
4 Minning
5 Manufacturing of food
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Example of economic activities are teaching,doctor, CA,CS and IPS. 
Example of non economic activities are helping someone in doing homework,cooking food for family etc.
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Economic activities - 1. Business. 2.Banking. 3.Manufacturing of goods. Non- economic activities- 1.Morning walk. 2.Reading a newspaper. 3. Watching TV
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Economic activies includes teacher ,shopkeeper ,doctor..etc

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Economic activities : Cooking in restaurant, selling mobile, labour, IT Professional, agriculture etc ; Non Economic Activities : Cooking at home, taking care of children, Going to school, Doing homework etc;
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Economic activity- Teacher in a school Non economic- Teacher who is teaching at home to her sibling
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EXAMPLE OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY:1.Teacher teach students in school 
                                                     give service 
                                                              4.investment on business
                                                              5.workers work for money

                                                                           2.give money to poors.
                                                                           3.mother cook food for family.
                                                                  in ngo
                                                                   in religious places
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Non economic activity are playing football with friends, listening a radio. Economic activity are Teaching in a school , working in an office
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Example of Economic Activities  are  - 1 - teacher 2- businessmen  3- employment 4-  farmer  5- driver                                                  Example of Non-  Economic Activities are - 1 - playing 2- mother cook food for her family 3-  walking  4- purchase dress for family 5- paying  money for food for family
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Economic activities are those by which we can earn our livelihood
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Non economic activities are those performed out of love care and sympathy.
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Ex:- Economics activity are:- 1:- Business 2:- farming 3:- employees 4:- doctor 5:- Shopkeeper and Non-economics are:- 1 hepling of poor children 2:- beti bacho beti padao 3:- save womens 4:- strike
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* Production of goods in a factory
* Distribution of goods by a wholesaler
* Working in a factory
* Practicing as a doctor
* wWorking as a Teacher
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* Going to temple
* Charity
* Social Service
* Production for self consumption
* Teaching own children
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Economic activities  are mining , forestry ,  fishing ,  hunting  and grazing.
Non economic activities are  sleeping ,  watching tv , watering plants ,  reading a book.....
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- business actv
 - accountants, doctors,lawyers

non economic
-social worker
-charity worker
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Economic activities: Nurse Doctor Teacher Engineer Pilot
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* Going to temple
* Charity
* Social Services
* Housewives doing day to day workat home
* Teaching own children ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES:-
* Agriculture
* Animal husbandry
* Poultry farming
* Fishing
* Mining
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Economic activities refer to those activities which can require for earn a living..,,for e.g. worker working in a factory, shopkeeper selling goods in his shop, techer teaching in school,etc. Non-economic activities refer to those activities refer to those activities which can require for personal satisfaction...,,for e.g. teacher teching her own son, house wife cooking food for her family.
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~Economic activities: 1)Production 2)Consumption 3)Distribution 4)Exchange ~Non-economic activities: 1)Transportation 2)Shopkeeping 3)Dairy 4)Small scale manufacturing
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Economic activities are :
Teaching in school
Work in factory /industry
Car manufacturing
Construction work
Trade selling his goods
Non - economic activities are :
Teaching his/her daughter
Wife nursing her sick husband
A doctor treating her son
Work in home without any payment
A girl dressing her little sister
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we know that the economic activity are those activities in which the motive is to earn profit or money for example lawyer doctor engineer businessman etc and we also know that the non active the non economic activity is an activity which is performed by the person which has not motive to earn profit on money for example social welfare , politicians
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Economic Activities :-

These activities give an income in return.

These are done to earn a livelihood.

For Example :- People going for work in factories ,farm , banks, hospitals,schools,etc.

Non Economic Activites :-

These activities do not give any income in return.

These are done out of compassion ,love and care.

For Example:- Doing social work, helping the poor, going to temple etc.
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economic activity                                                                                                   .  non economic activity 
  1. To earn a living and acquire wealth                                                                        To obtain sediments and emotion 
  2. money income expected                                                                                            money income not expect 
  3.    Directly relate to income                                                                                                   Not relate to income 
  4.  result can be measure in term of money                                                                          Not in term of money 
  5. Businee, Profession and employment                                                                          Family oriented
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Economic -purchase,sale,production, marketing and advertising.
Non economic -cooking, singing for own pleasure, caring, honesty of employees and social services
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Economic activity
Economic activity-distribution of goods by a retailer to a customer.
Business, profession and employment.

Non-economic activity
Charity, social services, self consumption, patrotic activities and relegion social service.

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Examples of economic activities are-
?Working in a school.
?Working of a nurse in a hospital.
?Selling of goods by a retailer to customers.
?Distribution of goods by a wholesaler to retailers.
?Working as a caretaker in a senior citizens home.

Examples of non-economic activities are-
?Taking photographs of family members.
?Taking care of pet dog at home.
?Looking after parents.
?Distributing blankets to destitutes.
?Looking after one's terrace garden.
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For example a nurse working in a hospital to earn money. 2 a man who is a CA for his family by making the accounts of other companies .3 a chef working in a restaurant. 4A man doing a job under a shopkeeper in a shop.5 A ladyselling fishes in fish market.
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Economics like teacher teaching in school , nurse attend his patience, business do business , etc econics are those which earn profit and non econics which not done for profit like girl take care of mother , cook make food for family, mother teach his son
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workinf in house
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Economic activities - farming , animal husbandry , mining , poultry farming , fishing

Non economic activities - love , household work , social welfare , praying , donating blood
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Non- Economic activity-
# your mother cooking in your home
# boy/girl helping an old man to cross the road
# grandmother making a hand sweater for her children

Economic activity-
# a person working in a company to earn money
# a teacher teaching in schools or tuitions
# worker working in a factory
# a doctor operating his clinic
# a rickshaw puller pulling a rickshaw by taking people here and there
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Example of economic activity
1-production of goods in a factory
2-distribution of goods by a wholesaler and retailer
3-working in a factory
5-working as a teacher in a school
Example of non economic activity
1-Going to temple
2-helping poor
4-social services
5-production for self consumption
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In this industry, a product is analysed and many products are received as final products. In the processing of crude oil, we will get kerosene, petrol,gas,and diesel, etc.
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Economic activity-production of goods in a factory,buying and selling of goods by traders, farmers, doctors, lawyers.
Non economic activity-housewife, a person engaged in social work, attending a religious activity, listening to a discourse by a saint.
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