state any 5 points highlighting the importance of forests to mankind.

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Now days one can see forests only in movies and you-tube videos.

Because there is wide spread deforestation in the name of development.

More and more forest land is converted into agriculture land by the governments.

Forests have many advantages to the life on earth and also we humans.

The importance of forests can be seen in the recent time when there is much change in temperatures all over the globe.

The seasonal and climatic fluctuations are also due to deforestation.

Forests means a ecosystem of plants and animals.

And it is said even man once upon a time lived in forests.

He then vacated it to make villages and towns.

Now the present scenario is there are more towns and cities than forests.

We have many benefits from forest and man needs to conserve forests for his future generations.

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Importance of forests to mankind -
1. take in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen 
2.reduces soil erosion
3.prevents global warming 
Hope the answer helps
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The forest is also vital as a watershed. Because of the thick humus layer, loose soil, and soil-retaining powers of the trees' long roots, forests are vitally important for preserving adequate water supplies. Almost all water ultimately feeds from forestrivers and lakes and from forest-derived water tables.
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