state snells law of refraction.

According to the Snell's law,

The ratio of sine of angle of incidence to the sine of angle of refraction is constant.

sine of angle of incidence(i)/sine of angle of refraction(r)=constant

this constant is called refractive index(n).

n=sin i/sin r

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The ratio between the values of sine of angle of incidence and sine of angle of refraction for two given optical media is a constant quality. μ=sin i/ sin r

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When light travels from one medium into another the incident and refracted rays lie in one plane with the normal to the surface; are on opposite sides of the normal; and make angles with the normal whose sines have a constant ratio to one another. 

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Snell's Law

Like with reflection, refraction also involves the angles that the incident ray and the refracted ray make with the normal to the surface at the point of refraction. Unlike reflection, refraction also depends on the media through which the light rays are travelling. This dependence is made explicit in Snell's Law via refractive indices, numbers which are constant for given media1.

Snell's Law is given in the following diagram.

Basic illustration of Snell's Law.

As in reflection, we measure the angles from the normal to the surface, at the point of contact. The constants n are the indices of refraction for the corresponding media.

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