state the correct answer
1)the metallic compound, reduced to the metal by electrolysis is:
A) iron (lll) oxide
B) Copper oxide
C) magnesium oxide
D) Silver oxide
2) hydrolysis of salts from acidic basic or neutral solution the salt which on hydrolysis from neutral solution is
A) Ammonium Chloride
B) sodium chloride
C) magnesium chloride
D) potassium chloride
3) organic compound having a double carbon- carbon covalent compound is
A) C3H8
B) C3H6
C) C3H4
D) CRH10
4) the element arranged in correct increasing order of electron affinity in a period of periodic table are
A) nitrogen, carbon, Boron
B) Boron, billion, Lithium
C) carbon, oxygen, fluorine
D) oxygen, nitrogen, carbon
5) during electrolysis
A) cations accept electron from anion
B) anions accept electron from cathode
C) anion loses electron to the anode
D) cations donate electrons to anode

Dear Student
Correct answers are as follows:
Ans.1 (C) MgO (oxides of highly reactive metals)
Ans.2 (B) NaCl (gives NaOH & HCl)
​​​​Ans.3 (B) C3H6 (it is an alkene)
Ans.4 (C) carbon < oxygen < fluorine
Ans.5 (C) anion are oxidised at the anode

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