State the disadvantages of vegetative propagation?


  1. The plants gradually lose their vigour as there is no genetic variation. They are more prone to diseases that are specific to the species. This can result in the destruction of an entire crop.
  2. Since many plants are produced, it results in overcrowding and lack of nutrients.
  3. Vegetative propagation becomes a hindrance in the evolution of new cultivators.
  4. Although the asexually produced plants are precocious in bearing, but these have short life period than the sexually produced ones.
  5.  The size is small in vegetatively produced plants hence the dead wood can fetch little price than the huge seedling trees.

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 1. vegetative propogation induces over crowding.

2. there is no genetic variation, so there is less adaptability to the environment.

3.the disease of the parent plant gets transferred to the off spring.

4.the plants lose vigour. characters can neither be introduced nor udesirable characters be eliminated.

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