state the position of

(i) isotopes of the same element

(ii) hydrogen in the modern periodic table

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(1) Modern periodic table is arranged in order of increasing atomic numbers.

Isotopes are those which have same atomic number but different mass number.

Hence isotopes will be placed at the same place as their atomic numbers are same.

(2) Hydrogen is considered as a very unique element. The position of this small element in the periodic table is debatable.

Hydrogen’s position was not justified in the very old Mendeleev’s periodic table. He positioned hydrogen in the first column above alkali metals. He did so because hydrogen and alkali metals have similar properties. For example, hydrogen reacts with halogens, oxygen, and sulphur to form compounds whose formulae are similar to those of alkali metals.

Hydrogen also resembles halogens in many ways. Like halogens, hydrogen is a gas, and exists as a diatomic molecule (H2). It forms covalent compounds like halogens unlike alkali metals. Hence, it can also be placed above the halogen group.



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i)isotopes r formed wen we divide the elemnts wit the help of atomic mass but in modren table elements r clasified on bases of isotopes dint pose a challenge

ii)hydrogen is placed in 1st grp and period of the table

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isotopes do not have a fix position......

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Isotopes are present in the same group and hydrogen is present in the 1st group and 1st period in the modern periodic table.

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