State the scietific and eco friendly methods of waste management

Dear Student,..Following are some of scientific and eco–friendly methods of waste management: 1. Segregating The solid waste into Dry waste and Wet waste....... 2. Composting : We can decompose  kitchen  waste like peels of vegetables and fruits in our terrace garden ,  small pit or garden....... 3. The new Eco Friendly method is Vermicomposing-- Converting solid waste by using EARTH WORMS..... 4. Using the solid waste for generating the energy fro gas or electricity production.Here we heat the waste at very high temperature .This process is called as Pyrolysis...... Incineration is a method of waste management Wastes are treated before disputing them into rivers..............Different garbage bins for disposing biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable waste Reduce the usage of non-biodegradable products such as plastics. Measurement for waste management: 1. Recovery, reuse and recycling of hazardous wastes and their transformations into useful materials 2. Waste should be handled and stored properly in order to ensure that they are held properly without loss or leakage thereby minimising the potential for pollution. 3. Sludge should be removed regularly in to a suitable landfill site. .........4.Use separate bins (blue and green) for disposing non-biodegradable and biodegradable wastes........Regards...

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