state two main causes of disease?

Direct cause such as bacteria, fungi ,vorus i.e. the direct disease causing agent

and suplementary causes such unclean environment, low sanitation, genetic causes etc

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There could be various causes for a disease

Infectious – These include infectious external causes like micro-organisms. Organisms like virus, bacteria, and other micro-organisms can cause diseases in a person. For example, diarrhoea is caused by viral or bacterial infection. Diseases caused by these infectious causes are called infectious diseases.

Non- infectious - These include non- infectious causes and that can be internal or external. For example, some cancers caused by genetic abnormalities, high blood pressure caused by excessive weight and loss of exercise, malfunctioning of any body part as in heart attack and arthritis, allergies, lack of nutrients can cause marasmus, pollution causing respiratory problems, etc. Diseases caused by these non- infectious causes are called non-infectious diseases.

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causes are =it effect are health socially and physically.public cleanliness personal hygeine social equality and harmony contaminated water air contaminated food etc..............

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Un hygeine of food particles

Lack of sanitation facilities

Dna or genes

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State two main causes of diseases.
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