statistics can prove anything.explain

Well,it is a very strong statement to make. Considering the purview of economics only,we can justify this statement but out of the scope of the subject it is difficult to say if statistics can prove anything. Economics is about how to optimize out of scarce resources.We make models,we follow rules,we make assumptions only to analyze and prove the consistency of rationality of human beings or economics agents.Now,when we have a model and we draw a conclusion out of it ,statistics helps us to prove that conclusion. Statistics,as we know,is the science of collecting ,representing and analyzing data.It shows us the truth and then we compare our results to the statistical truths or facts to find out if we are right or not.So,statistics is a powerful subject.It has no discrepancy as it is based on real life data.So,in my opinion every result of economics can be proved by statistics.

(if we are asked to prove that a convict is guilty of crime,statistics wont be a help in that case!!)

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