Statistics is both science as well as an art.explain

'If science is knowledge, art is action.' An art is the actual application of science.

As an art, statistics facilitates better understanding and solution of the real life problems by way of offering quantitative information. Being an art the successful application of the methods depends upon the considerable degree of the skill and special experience of the statistician, who is using the statistical data for solving the real life problems.

We can conclude that, "Statistics is both a science and an art dealing with the study of the methods of collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of aggregates of quantitative data." It is a science of scientific methods and art of applying those methods.

According to Prof. Tippet, "Statistics is both a science and an art. It is a science because its methods are basically systematic and have general application and an art because their successful application depends to a considerable degree, on the skill and special experiance of a statistician and of the knowlegde of the field of application."

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