stomata of desert plants remain closed during day time . how do they take up CO2 and perform photosynthesis?

In desert plants the stomata open at night.

They take in COat night, and is stored in the form of an intermediate which is used during the day for photosynthesis(when the stomata are closed).

Also, the chlorophyll of the plant are located in stem as leaves are reduced to spines and stem takes the function of photosynthesis. PLEASE DO THUMBS UP...

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 The deserts plants grow in dry conditions. In such plants, carbon dioxide is taken up by the leaves on the green stem through stomata, which remain open in the night. How ever , during the day, the stomata remain closed to conserve moisture. These plants carry out photosynthesis without much loss of water.PLEASE DO THUMBS UP....

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CAM (Desert plants) open their stomata at night (when water evaporates more slowly from leaves for a given degree of stomatal opening), use PEPcarboxylase to fix carbon dioxide and store the products in large vacuoles. The following day, they close their stomata and release the carbon dioxide fixed the previous night into the presence of enzyme RUBisCo (fixes carbon dioxide to ribulose 1,5- bisphosphate.PLEASE DO THUMBS UP...

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they take co2 at night and stores it for the photosynthesis during day time

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