Stomata open in the day time due to (a) increase in water potential (b) decrease in water potential (c) decrease in pH (d) light.. explain in detail...

Dear student.

The correct answer is c) decrease in pH.

Stomata open during the daytime because guard cells become turgid. Turgidity of the guard cells increases due to the movement of water into the guard cells due to increase in the concentration of solutes.  Daylight activates the opening of the proton pump, that creates a proton motive force inside the guard cell, this force makes the voltage-operated channels to open and allow the movement of potassium and calcium inside the guard cell. Daylight also activate the production of malate inside the guard cells. All these factors increase the concentration of solute inside the cell and result in the inward movement of water that makes the cells turgid and results in the opening of stomata.


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