Storytelling has been popular . Why do you think so ?? 

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Storytelling is a very old and interesting way to share information with others. It activates our minds. Our brain is able to retain most of the information that is provided in a story form. It makes people aware about different cultures, religions and regions. Listening or reading stories is always a pleasant experience. Many times we are able to relate to the characters and this makes the stories even more interesting. It is because of all these reasons that storytelling has always been popular.

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It is popular because of interest and imagination
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Story is the historical entertainment which is mainly adapted by children . It is very popular because of imagination , comedy , moral , lose of tension and intrest .
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Storytelling?describes the social and cultural activity of sharing?stories, sometimes with improvisation,?theatrics, or embellishment, they create happiness and enjoyment and excitement when read that is why it is popular......
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It takes you through an adventure. It gives new perpective about life.
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stories are an interesting and interactive way to learn moral values.
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