Subject - English 

chapter name - Hundred Dresses - I & II

2. How Does wanda suceed in winning the love and confidence of her   class mates.

Before Wanda left the school they had an art competition where all the girls have to make different dresses for the competition. So Wanda has also made a set of 100 beautiful dresses and have submitted it to the teacher and then she never came to that school and finally the day arrived when all the selected paintings submitted by the students were pasted on the walls of the room. In those paintings all the dresses made by Wanda were pasted and when the students saw those paintings they were all surprised to see that these paintings were made by the girl whom they used to tease that is Wanda. From then only she was able to gain the love and confidence of her class mates

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By winning the drawing and colouring contest .she drew hundred dresses,all of different colour and style
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