suggest any five measures to reduce industrial pollution of water ?

Industrial pollution can be controlled in the following ways:
1.Industrial plants should be set up in distant areas away from human settlements.
2.Industries need to take up preventive measures to check pollution.
3.Industries should encourage sustainability and recycling of their products.
4.More efforts should be taken to establish local industries which implement reasonable and low cost ways to reduce pollution production at their plants.5.It is necessary to encourage industries to promote "green"methods of production and products.It includes environment-frindly operating processes 

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1 The toxic material should be purified 2 The smoke which comes from the industries can be reduced by using oil and gas instead of coal in factories 3 Pollution check certifications should be made compulsory 4 industries can be redesigned to increase energy efficiency and reduce noise noise absorbing materials may be used 5 Particular matter in the air can be reduced by fitting smoke stacks two factories
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Not throwing garbages to the source of water
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What is earth
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