Suggest any four changes that you would like to incorporate in the lifestyle of a student of your age to move towards the sustainable use of available resources

Dear Student

One should incorporate the following changes in
life-style in a move towards a sustainable use of our resources:

(i) Stop cutting trees and practice plantation of trees.

(ii) Stop using plastic and polythene bags for carrying goods.

(iii) Use recycled paper.

(iv) Throw biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste into separate bins.

(v) Waste minimum amount of water while using and repair leaking taps.

(vi) Practice rainwater harvesting.

(vi) Avoid using vehicles for short distances. Instead, one can walk or cycle to cover short distances. To cover long distances, one should take a bus instead of using personal vehicles.

(vii) Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.

(viii) Use fluorescent tubes in place of bulbs to save electricity.

(ix) Take stairs and avoid using lifts.

(x) During winters, wear an extra sweater to avoid using heaters.


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