suggest sanitation practices may lead to reduction of air and soil pollution from the inputs from the above case studies.(Environment on mars planet)

The sanitation practices which may lead to reduction of air and soil pollution are:
  1. By constructing biogas plants, waste disposal can be solved in a large scale. This plant produces fuel and slurry. Tehy fuel is used as cooking, lighting, etc., while slurry used as manure.
  2. By converting dry toilets into pour flush toilets and construction of septic tanks.
  3. By eliminating open defecation.
  4. By eradicating of manual scavenging.
  5. By using more and more manure instead of chemical fertiliser in the soil.
  6. By using less amount of insecticidedes, pesticides, etc.
  7. By putting garbage in the landfills and, after filling, it is covered with soil.
  8. By recycling of waste.
  9. By using cloth or jute bags instead of plastic bags.
  10. Buy only what you need.
  11. Re-use plastic, glass, rubber, items.
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