sujata stood_ the river and saw ship pass by
michelle is longing _meet me
her job application was turned_
the boat turned _and we were flung into the water
aurangazeb was descendent _shahjahan
gazette is available _ reference in library
curfew was imposed _all areas of city
jane parked her car _the side of the road
chess is the game she is rather good_
you must live_the rules
harish was cautioned _spreading rumours
i did not find it difficult to adjust _the changed scenario
some people quarell _silly matters
prisoner was acquitted_the charge
team rejoiced_the success
girl persists _telling lies
mohan is quick _figures

  1. by
  2. to
  3. down
  4. upside down
  5. of
  6. for
  7. in
  8. on
  9. at
  10. by
  11. about
  12. in
  13. over
  14. of
  15. over/with
  16. for
  17. with

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