Summarise the poem "Animals".

summary   Desires to live Among Animals: The poet desires to live among the animals because they are serene and self-contented. They are too wise to bewail over their condition. They weep for their sins and do their duty to God.

Quality of satisfaction: The animals are always satisfied. They do not possess the mania of possessing  things. They do not show respect for the others. They even do not respect their thousand old  ancestors. They are equal in sorrow  and happiness.

Poet`s desire to learn from them: The poet has a deep desire to learn from the animals, Since they show their deep concern  with them. They give him respect in the shape of a token and show their plain feelings. They do not have any kind of falsehood. The poet is much surprised at their quality. He wants to earn them though he had dropped them carelessly.

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main das theka lya he
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