Summary from chapter maternity

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‘Maternity’ is a story by Lilika Nakos.This story has three main settings -a camp of Armenian refugees, a camp of Anatolian refugees and a Chinese family. Mikali, a fourteen year boy, is the protagonist of the story. He is unable to work for his food, as he has to find a nursing mother for his starving little brother. But he is full of courage and determination. The people in the refugee camp hates the baby because his wails disturb their sleep and they become sick. Mikali’s misery and horrible experiences makes him hopeless. Finally a Chinese family takes pity on him and takes him to his house where his wife breast feeds the baby lovingly. Thus the baby is saved.
The story emphasizes on racism which make people inhuman. Motherhood is quite different from just being a mother. The Chinese man's wife is portrayed as an ideal mother, who symbolizes motherly love ,warmth and affection .


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