summary of best seller i have for test 2morow

  best seller deals with the life of a business worker of plate and glass company who believes that fictions are unrealistic and according to him a man always marries a girl of the same background. THE story starts with the narrator travelling in a chair car on his way to pittsburg where he meets john A. Pescud,an old acquaintance .john was reading a bestseller THE ROSE LADY and TREVELYAN JOHN thought that these stories were imaginary. then after a little formal chat on happenings in their lives john told that he was married. 
john was travelling to Cincinnati when he saw the finest maiden of all and fell in love then he followed her all the way to her home town keeping a sharp unpredictable distance from her eyes. he went in a hotel for the night to stay where the manager on asking said that the biggest mansion at top of the hill was of colonel allyn.then suddenly the maiden of his dreams came,he went to her and started the conversation,which ended with her revealing the truth that she knew John was following her and she was glad he didn't talked with her and the next challenge to him was to enter the girl's house which was none other than the colonel's mansion. the next morning he went there by showing his bussiness card and by pretending that he wanted to sell those plate glasses and hence wanted to meet colonel allyn ,the place was a dead coffin and he with shaken legs numb hands and crack voice talked to the colonel and after sometime came to the point and asked for the girl's hand and to his surprise the colonel gave an unexpected answer by agreeing and told him alot of stories about his experiences afterall he got smeone to listen to his stories and unwillingly he have to listen to him 
the story ends as train reaches to coketown and the so called travellyn goes to dig petunias for his rose lady and he addresses that the old man is still in my house waiting to tell more and more stories .........................

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summary of seven ages pls tell

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  ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ is taken from William Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘As You Like It’ (Act-II, Scene-VII), describes the seven phases in a man’s life-from childhood to old age. The world is but a global stage and all men and women presented here are mere puppets in the hands of destiny. Just like the infrastructures of a stage, the world has its own entrances and exits. Every man in his full lifetime has many parts to play. His total number of acts in his lifetime is the seven ages. 
  The first and foremost act of every human being is the stage of infancy, where he makes his presence felt by crying at the top of his voice and many a times vomiting any food or drink that is repulsive, at the nursing arms of his mother. This period normally last till four years of age. The second stage is the ‘whining’ schoolboy where he learns to utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint. His shiny morning face and his satchel; a small bag, sometimes with a shoulder strap; he creeps like a snail and not willing to go to school.
  The third stage is his early youth, the peak of love and high romance. He sighs like a burning furnace and sings the sad ballads of romance; full of woe; affected with, characterized by, or indicating woe: woeful melodies; to impress his lover’s heart. The impression of her reply can be seen in her eyebrows. The fourth stage is that of a soldier where life if full of obligations, commitments, compliances, oaths and vows.  His beard is like a leopard or panther. He endlessly fights for his honor, a full presence of mind which is sudden and quick in quarrel and a heart to maintain a dignified reputation.
  The fifth stage is the adult-hood where a man tries to live a fair and justified life. His belly becomes bigger than normal. He is conscious about his diet and consumes a good intake of ‘capon’; a cockerel castrated to improve the flesh for use as food. His eyes are severe with seriousness and his beard is leveled to a formal cut. He is to take a lot of correct decisions to keep up with the ever changing times. So this stage is the most powerful stage in life

The sixth stage is the middle-age. Here is where he prepares himself for the next level in life i.e. old age. He learns to relax from the hustles of life. His strength begins to weaken and spends more time within the roof of his house. He looks like a bufun and an old fuul in his rugged old slippers. He hangs his spectacles on his nose for reading and all his youthful hose; a flexible tube for conveying a liquid, as water, to a desired point; saved for the world too wide. His shank begins to shrink with time; the part of the lower limb in humans between the knee and the ankle; leg. Even his voice begins to descend to a lower tone. In his free time, he smokes his pipe and whistles his matured melodies.
  The last stage is the old-age where he enters his second childhood. It is also the beginning of the end of his eventful history. It is also the stage of oblivion; the state of being completely forgotten or unknown; the state of forgetting or of being oblivious; official disregard or overlooking of offenses; He is without everything; without teeth, eyes and taste.

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how to send a question to experts on merit nation ??

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 jst ask it here...nd ltr wen the meritnation experts cme to chck dey wud ans it...

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