Summary of Chapter an insult that created empire

An Insult that created an empire has Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya as the main characters. The story starts with Chanakya or Kautaliya as an infant. Chanakya was born with a complete set of teeth, an astrologer said that it means that he will become a ruler but Chanakya's father did not want his son to become a ruler as he thought that rulers rob poor people but he turned out to be a ruler-maker. He was a great scholar. He went to Takshshila to complete his eduction. The ruler of Takshshila, Dhan Nanda was not at all praised by his people. They were planning to kill him. Dhan Nanda got to know about it and decided to open a daan kendra. And that is what he did. Now Dhan Nanda was looking for a new manager for the daan kendra and Chanakya was interested. So he went to the court and sat on the manager's chair. When Dhan Nanda came, he saw a brahman not at all properly dressed sitting on the manager's chair. He inquired. Chanakya introduced himself but Dhan Nanda could not stand his ugly face and told the guards to take him out of the court. While the guards were pushing Chanakya out, they accedently opened his hair. Chanakya pledged - "I will not tie my hair till I take revenge of ypur insult, Dan Nanda. I will destroy your kingdom." Afterwords, he found out that Dhan Nanda's father was the barber at former ruler's palace, he murdered the old king and became the emparor. Now Chanakya decided that he will take his revenge and give the throne to the old emporor's child. He then saw few boys playing king and courtiers. The boy who was the king was very just in his opinions. Chankya asked the boy. The boy said, "My name is Chandragupta Maurya. My father should have been the natural heir to the throne but Dhan Nanda killed him and my 99 brothers." Chanakya decided that he will make the boy the king. He startef making strategies to attack Dahn Nanda's kingdom from the center but failed. Soon he realised his mistake and started attacking from the sides and git victory.
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