Summary of dear mum by brain patten

Dear mum
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dear mum
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Dear mom
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Shree shree thakur
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Summary of the poem dear mum
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Ohh its so eaasy
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The summer of dear mum is - When the mother wasn't at home, the boy engaged himself in various mischievous activities. He first broke a cup. When he was observing the blue vase which Mr Ming from China got their family, it got a crack. Then, the tap was turned on and the sink overflowed. The entire kitchen was messy. The boy then took out the jam bottle, puree it on hand and stained it on the kitchen wall. He even put the cat inside the washing machine. He then blamed the pet rabbit. Once he done with exploration of his house, he went outside with his muddy footprints, he walked on the new white carpet. Lastly, he left for his grandparents house. When he finished transforming his house into filthy situation.


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