summary of kartoos in english for class 10

The story of ' kartoos' surrounds a heroic personality named vajir ali. He was the son of aasifudaula who was the nawab (aka ruler) of Awadh. His uncle ( saadat ali) had hatred towards his very existence. This was because before vajir ali was born, after aasifudaula, the throne of awadh would be his. Therefore, this hatred made saadat shake hands with the british and overthrow vajir's rule on awadh (which lasted for a brief 6 months, although these few months were happy ones for the kingdom). The british joined hands with saadat ali so as to drain all the wealth of awadh and establish a puppet rule. In fact, as per the story given, saadat ali even gave them 10 lakh ruppees to accomplish his mission. Vajir ali wanted to regain his kingdom and so invited the badhshah of afganisthan ( shahe jama) to attack on hindustan. In fact, the first one to do so was tipu sultan. Later, vajir ali also called him to delhi and was followed by shamsuddaula (brother of nawab of bengal). The britishers sent vajir to banaras and gave him 3 lakh ruppees (per year). After a few months, the governor general sent him to calcutta. Vajir went to the company's lawyer to seek answers for these location changes. Instead of providing answers, he was treated badly by the lawyer. This angered vajir and so he murdered the lawyer at his house. He then ran towards aajmagadh with his accomplices. And currently( when the conversation took plce) the group was in the forests of gorakhpur. Vajir's scheme was to reach nepal and wait for afganisthan's attack and then regain his position on awadh's throne. This was the information from the conversation that took place between the colonel and Lt. This is when one of their men reported a man on horse nearing their camp. They assumed it was a man who wanted to give information about vajir's location and plans in exchange for money. A comversation took place between colonel and the man. The man asked for bullets( kartoos) so that he could protect himself and help the britishers capture vajir. After giving him ten bullets, colonel asked for his name and the man turned out to be vajir himself. His daring left the colonel shocked and when asked by the Lt. about the man, he replied that it was a brave soldier.
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