Summary of poem animals

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  • Walt Whitman feels more at home with animals than humans. 
  • He admires animals and wants to live with them because they are placid and self contended. 
  • Also, he says that animals posses virtues which is at stark contrast with humans. Humans only have vices. 
  • Lastly, the poet says that animals evince innocence, compassion, contentment and other virtues in the form of tokens. 
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The poem, "Animals" by Walt Whitman is a comparison between animals and humans.?

In his poem, he shows how animals are better than humans as they are more empathetic than humans. He says that animals also have feelings just like humans, however, their way of expression is better than humans.?

He says that humans have lost the true meaning of life in this fast paced life while animals still enjoy the true beauty of life and nature. He says that animals are calm and self-contained. They are happy with the resources they have. They do not criticise what they already have like humans. He says that the humans have lost their sanity while chasing the material goods.

He says that he would be happy if he was an animal than a human. He said that he enjoyed the company of animals as compared to that of humans. He wants to transform into an animal in order to understand what helps animals establish their lifestyle etc.?

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In the poem animals, the poet has described his will to become an animal because he thinks animals are far better than human beings. Human beings are greedy and full of jealousy against each other. But animals are calm and self contained. The animals are happy with what they have. They never complain about miseries and sorrows. On the other hand human beings complain about their miseries. They give more importance to the rich and strong people, stay restless because of their wrongdoings and run behind the luxurious things of this world. Whereas animals are honest about their relations and don?t give importance to a particular class. They live a life which is full of honesty and less of greed and jealousy.
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