summary of poem "the daffodils " by William Wordsworth

'The Daffodils' is a nature poem by William Wordsworth. The poet described his experience of seeing beautiful daffodils growing beside a lake. he was wandering about like a cloud that floats over valleys and hills when he came upon hundreds of golden sunny daffodils. They were growing under a tree, by the side of a lake and were swaying in the breeze as if they were dancing.

They looked as numerous and as beautiful as the stars that shine in the Milky Way! The poet felt as if the line of daffodils just stretched on and on. The poet must have seen ten thousand daffodils swaying in a happy dance.

The waves were sparkling and moved about too, but the daffodils' beauty and happiness was without comparison. Their happiness was infectious and made the poet cheerful.

The poet gazed long at the daffodils but did not immediately fully appreciate what a gift they had given him. Whenever the poet feels sad or lonely, the beautiful picture of the stunning daffodils flashes in his mind. This gives him peace and happiness in his time of loneliness and sorrow. They fill his heart with pleasure and joyous feelings.

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