Summary of the chapter wind

The poet makes an entreaty to the wind where, he urges the wind not to break the shutters and scatter the papers. Gradually in the course of the poem we can see that his tone changes. He is found accusing the wind for the mess in his room. He points out to the wind that he meddles with only the ones who are meek and mild to protest against his actions. Later, we find that the poet stops talking to the wind and addresses to his readers, where he urges them to be strong, both physically and mentally. He reminds them that when the wind blows out a weak fire he nurtures the one that is strong.
  In the final stanza the poet inspires his readers to face the challenges of life with courage, grit and firm determination. The wind is a symbol of obstacles which are to be dealt without fear.
  The wind symbolizes the raw and brutal power of nature. The wind god is a symbol of might and strength and hates weaklings.
  The poem sends a very clear message that only those who are blessed with steadfast minds and hearts, survive in the bitter strength for life.
  Chinnaswamy Bhartiyar was a social reformer from Tamil Nadu. His fiery songs kindled patriotism and nationalism during the independence movement. In the poem the poet advises his readers to be strong in mind and body.

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1st paragraph second I add later on

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in the poem , the  wind  symbolises the hardships of the human life . The weaker ones  are blown away by the wind of adversities while the stronger ones remain unharmed as they stand  firm and face it dauntlessly  .
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