summary of the poem ' how to tell wild animals '

this huorus poem suggest some dangerous ways to identify[or tell] wild animals! read it aloud, keeping to a strong and regular rhythm.
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An elephant excel other animals in intelligence
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The poet talks  about ferocious animals and gives a detailed description of it. the poem is utterly humorous and ends with a tinge of irony towards the end. the  idea of the poem is very unique and urges the reader to ruminate about the beauty of these beasts
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The poem 'How to Tell Wild Animals' by Carolyn Wells revolves around the dangerous ways to identify the wild animals. The poet tries to distinguish one animal from the other in a humorous way. The poet suggests that it is very risky to be in such a close proximity (closeness) to these wild beasts. The poem is , thus, very educative as it tells us about various features of wild animals
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