summary of the poem raskhan ke savaye

you can get it in study materail 

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but the problem is that i m not a paid i have access to only sum chap......

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same situation with me too i m paid only for sci.maths

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Hey where is it?
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class 8 ras khan ji wants to tell that all dev and devtas worship lord krishna and wants to see only once the image of lord krishna but it is not allowed for them.Nard muni everytime says him name like parrot and vysa everytime does sri krishna prayer for his image.On the other hand krishna gives his love,image to his bhakth.the gopiya of brij makes sri krishna dances for a handfull of maakan
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raskhan krishan bhakat the aur ve  krishan ke gwale banna chahate the .
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I also want summary of this chapter. please tell us. I think everyone want a full fledge aummary of this chapter... please its a humble request to everyone...
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Please find this answer

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