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summary of the poem song of the rain??

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Song Of The Rain was included in the famous book Tears And Laughter by the U.S- Arabic- Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran who wrote it in free verse. It is written in the form of the Rain herself singing her song as she comes down.

Rain is beautifully personified here. A concise summary is available at

the related link

and the song which has since been slightly edited and recast in the true poetic form to facilitate singing and easier understanding is available.

The summery:

Rain is dotted silver threads dropped from heaven by Gods which Nature takes away to adorn her fields and valleys.

She is beautiful pearls plucked by the Daughter of the Dawn from a Sovereign's crown to embellish her gardens.

The clouds and fields are lovers and she is a messenger between them. By pouring out she cures the cloud, and by coming down she quenches the thirst of the field.

The voice of thunder declares her arrival and the rainbow her departure. When she cries coming down, the hills laugh and when she reaches down, the flowers rejoice; and when she has seeped down deep into the soil, all things are elated.

She emerges from the heart of the Sea and soars with the Breeze. When she sees a field in need, she descends and downpours and embraces the flowers and trees in her own million little ways.

In human houses, she touches the windows with soft gentle fingers and all can hear her welcome song which only the sensitive can understand. She is born out of the heat in the air which in her turn she kills, exactly as a woman overcomes a man with the strength she takes from him.

Rain is the sigh of the sea, the laughter of the field and the tears of the Heaven and Love. One will wonder how scientific Kahlil Gibran was. It is as if he has entered the very soul of the Rain to sing on her behalf. This song is only one of Gibran's hilarious and exquisite creations.

Kahlil Gibran's song of the rain is a song sung by the rain which describes the dangerous journey of rain.

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