summary of the poem the frog and the nightingle

Basically the poem starts with the frog being the king of Bingle Bong and always singing in his bad voice....There was no one who stopped him or could fight with him. One day a nightingle came and sang a beautiful song in her melodious voice. The animals applauded her great voice ad the frog sat astounded. The Nightingle was happy and naive. She was innocent. The frog later told her that he was an amazing singer himself and a critic. He wanted to train the nightingle. The Nightingle being innocent accepted his training and started singing for money which the frog collected. The frog asked her that she need to add frills ant trills to her singing as tthe audience likes it that way. Soon the nightingle who under the strist training of the forg who used to make her sing just for money, lost her natural voice and it became monotonous. The animals who came from far away stopped coming as the nightingle had lost her natural beauty. The frog being cunning blamed the nightingle and said that she was a stuupid bird who didnt had confidence on herself and her voice. The nightingle who had become used to applaud became agitated and died. The frog simply shrugged and again became the undisputed king of Bingle Bong.

Basically the story tells us how cunning the world is how an innocent creature who is naive cannot flourish.

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