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summary of the song of the rain


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Khalil Gibran is a Lebanese-American artist, poet and writer. In his poem Song of the Rain he appreciates and personifies the rain. The poem is a first person narrative. The poet has used various figures of speech. The use of metaphors, similes, alliterations and hyperboles add to the beauty of the lyrical description of the water cycle. The poem begins with the physical description of the rain drops falling as silvery threads from the sky. The rain herself talks about her arrival. She adorns the nature and finally departs.

She is rain, she is life. She is the mother. She carries mercy between the lovers, the clouds and the fields. When she laughs the whole vegetation, the hills, the springs and rivers all join in to celebrate in her happiness. The whole nature adjust according to her mood for she is the “pearls” plucked from the crown of Ishtar. And who does it? The daughter of dawn herself brings her to embellish the gardens. She is the dew then, sprinkled to add to the morning glory of the flowers.

The rain quenches the thirst and cures the ailment of one. Her journey begins with the voice of thunder and ends with a vibrant rainbow. The rain has been addressed as the earthly life that lives and then dies. She is born in the heart of the sea and grows with the breeze that carries her to the tomb of the sky where she matures. The motherly characteristic of the rain is highlighted in the poem. When she sees a field in need, she pours out all her motherly love and embraces the flowers and the trees in the form of million little water droplets. Her touch is gentle and she touches with her tender and soft fingers.

The femininity of rain is enchanting. It appears that the poet is not describing a rain, a physical occurrence, but a mother. How a mother nourishes her children. Similarly the rain enriches the nature around. All hear the sound of rain falling gently, however, only the sensitive understands the motherly touch of the rain. She is the laughter of the fields and tears of the heaven. Like a mother fusses over her baby, the rain descends and embraces the flora and fauna.

In the climax of the poem, Khalil has woven lines in praises of the rain with love. A vivid narration of the rain fills the mind of the reader with a lively image. She is a sigh from the deep sea of affection and she is the laughter from the colourful field of the spirit. The rain is the life herself and she is the tears carrying memories of all the heavens. She is a heavenly message delivered to the earth by the hands of God.



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This poem is about rain&importance of rain. This is personified and the itself talks to says that when i fall i look like silver and thin threads of silver which keep the sky & earth connected.i am dropped by heaven beings known as gods by the people of earth.when i fall the nature i.e.the trees ,the rivers,the animals greet me and with my blessings the nature becomes greener and active.
It says i was once the beautiful pearl of the crown of the great goddess ishtar and the daughter of dawn took me out of it so that i could decorate her fields.
It says that when i fall the hills enjoy and laugh with happiness,the flowers smile and show their happiness and everybody on earth becomes happy &celebrate.
It says that the field and the clouds are lovers and i act like a messenger between them.i satisfy the thirst of people& fields.
When i arrive the thunder roars in my respect and when i leave the rainbow comes out.i am the life of earth whIch begin in soil and ends in the shadow of death.

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Rain is dotted silver threads dropped from heaven by Gods which Nature takes away to adorn her fields and valleys. She is beautiful pearls plucked by the Daughter of the Dawn from a Sovereign's crown to embellish her gardens. The clouds and fields are lovers and she is a messenger between them. By pouring out she cures the cloud, and by coming down she quenches the thirst of the field. The voice of thunder declares her arrival and the rainbow her departure. When she cries coming down, the hills laugh and when she reaches down, the flowers rejoice; and when she has seeped down deep into the soil, all things are elated. She emerges from the heart of the Sea and soars with the Breeze. When she sees a field in need, she descends and downpours and embraces the flowers and trees in her own million little ways. In human houses, she touches the windows with soft gentle fingers and all can hear her welcome song which only the sensitive can understand. She is born out of the heat in the air which in her turn she kills, exactly as a woman overcomes a man with the strength she takes from him. Rain is the sigh of the sea, the laughter of the field and the tears of the Heaven and Love.

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Chandana S , added an answer, on 31/1/12
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 the rain defines itself as the dotted silver threads droppes from heaven by god.nature sends it to"adorn her fiels and valleys".it is a messenger of mercy between the two lovers-the field and the quenche the thirst of parched fields embracing the flowers and trees in a million little ways.the arrival or rain is like a welcome song all can hear but only sensitive can understand..

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