Summary of wind?

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The summary of the poem 'Wind' is as follows:
The poet, Subramania Bharati describes the wind and how it affects our surroundings. First, he requests the wind to blow gently and not disturb the papers, books or break the shutters. Then, he scolds it for scattering the papers, breaking the shutters of windows and destroying crumbling, old houses. Then, he speaks to the reader and suggests that we can face the wind and overcome its consequences if we are strong and determined. We must be resolute against the wind and triumph over it. He advises the reader to become friends with the wind.

The title ‘Wind’ is a simple, straightforward title as the poem is about the strong force of the wind. The wind symbolises the many hurdles we may face in our lives.

The wind is a destructive force: it wreaks havoc. This makes the poet exhort people to fortify themselves. He understands the supreme power of nature and its forces, but he also knows the power of courage possessed by man. He underlines man’s mortality, yet emphasises the victory he can achieve over obstacles through fortitude. He urges man to live in harmony with nature by befriending the wind.


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