Suppose we only have the measure of one interior angle of a regular polygon . How we will find out the number of sides of that regular polygon?

in regular polygon all angles are equal .By using formula n(n-4)|n

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We studied in the first chapter of mathematics that, in a regular polygon all angles are equal
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All angles in a regular polygon are equal. To find the total sum all all the interior angles, we have the formula
here, n=the number of sides in that polygon.
since the polygon is a regular polygon, all its interior angles will be equal.
for example,
if the interior angles of a regular polygon is given as 120, you should find the exterior angles at first.
if we are taking a linear pair, we'll get-180-120=60
here, 60 is the measure of each exterior angle. the exterior angles add upto 360. so if we divide 360 by 60, we'll find that there are 6 exterior angles.
which means 6 sides for that regular polygon.(regular hexagon.)
likewise, you can find the answer.
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