'Surakhshit Service Providers Limited' is a well known company for removing the routine problems of the people. This company provides all types of big or small services; namely, Health service, Complaints regarding Electricity faults, Complaint about faults in electronic items. Complaint about faults in vehicles, etc. The company has opened its offices at different places. The policy of the company is that women should be preferred to be appointed as the Heads of every office. Besides, under this policy, some positions shall be reserved for handicapped women also. The head of every office shall have the full authority to take decisions concerning the activities of her office. For example, every head shall be completely free to barging with customers regarding the fee to be realised from them.

(a) Which concept of management has been mentioned in the paragraph given above?
(b) Write about two of the advantages of the concept identified in point 'a'.
(c) Identify two of the values of the company.

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yes dear this organising function of management .Here the Surakshit ltd. grouping the activities,giving the responsibility ,authority that org. can achieve its objectives. 
b) Benefits of specialisation
   Development and growth 
women empowerment 
social welfare
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