Take any two microorganisms each as examples give harmful nd useful effects of microorganisms

Take two microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Their useful and harmful effects are discussed below
Harmful effects of bacteria:  
Bacteria cause rotting of vegetables and fruits.
Bacteria cause food poisoning.
Bacteria cause loss of productivity of soil.
Bacteria are responsible for over 90% of human and animal diseases.
Useful effects of bacteria: 
Bacteria cause decomposition of dead bodies.
Sewage is broken down by bacteria.
Bacteria convert dung, farm refuse into manure.
A number of antibiotics are obtained from bacteria.
Bacteria play a very important role in dairy industry.

Harmful effects of fungus: 
Fungus cause spoilage of food.
Fungus is responsible for many plant diseases.
Useful effects of fungus: 
Fungus is used as source of food.
A very important antibiotic, Penicillin is obtained from fungus.
Fungi such as yeast convert sugary solutions into alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, etc.

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