Take two pottedplants,put ine in direct sunlight and another one dark room having no light for few.what would you observe by this experiment . plz plz explain briefly

Dear Student,

The plant life is completely depends on photosynthetic process for the survival like respiration in humans and this photosynthetic process is influenced by sunlight as it helps in breakdown of molecules and mineral source from the soil for their survival once sunlight is not available it starts to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide for their survival in night times. If absence of sunlight is prolonged will lead to the gradual death of plant which can be observed in the form of drying, in simple sunlight makes plants survival and their absence for long time results in drying of plant to death.


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The plant which is in direct sunlight will grow and the plant which has no light will die. Hope this will clear your doubts. 
Vaibhav Singh
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plants need sunlight to  make its food  in the procces  of photosynthises  thus  when  plants dont  get sunlight  they cannot make  their  food  thats  why  they die.
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