Taylor's techniques of management are universally applicable.do you agree?give any four reason in support of your answer.

Hey Hardik, No, i do not agree with the view, as Taylor's scientific techniques are more specific in nature and can not be universally applicable. The Techniques of fayol that are not universally applicable:
1. Differential Piece wage rate: This technique of taylor, providing different wage rates is not universally applicable. This technique was made to motivate the workers and to increase their work efficiency however the same purpose can be met through other incentives programs. when the nature of the product is heterogeneous this technique is not successful.
2. Functional Foremanship: As functional foremanship lacks unity of command, it is not a successful practice in many organisation.
3. Standardisation: Employers in many organisation do not set standard targets before fixing the remuneration for the employees.

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