Teacher I am not able to understand this letter will you explain me in detail .

The given sentence does not make sense. It should not be 'deciding'. Instead, it should be dissuading. Then the sentence would be 'write a letter to your friend dissuading him from coming to settle in a crowded city'.
Dissuade means to persuade (someone) not to take a particular course of action.
So, the letter is about persuading your friend to not to settle in a crowded city.

Such questions are made for enhancing self-creative skills and should be tried answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing your answer:
- Crowded places lack peace as I know that you want to have peace around you.
- There is less greenery and more pollution in crowded cities.
- The city is congested and unhygienic.
- Residing in a crowded city is a challenge these days because of inflation.
- But the place where you belong is a good place to live and to enjoy life.

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