Teacher I was having a doubt regarding this question. So can u please explain me in detailed . As my exam's are going to start so can u explain me in a easy and fast way


The question is of geometric optics and can be solved using the standard mirror formula for concave mirrors, which can be stated as follows:
the object distance, u = -25 cm ( since, the object is on the left side of the mirror)
Focal length of the mirror, f = -15 cm 
Thus, its image distance (v) would be:
1u+1v=1f1-25+1v=1-151v=1-15+125=-5+375=-275Thus,v=-37.5 cmThus, the image is on the same side as that of the object. It is on the left side of the mirror.
Magnification is defined as:
M=image heightobject height=-vu=--37.5-25Object height = 7 cmHence,image height=--37.5-25×7 cm=-10.5 cmNegative sign implies that the image is inverted which is the case when the image is real.Thus,The image is 10.5 cm in height and real.

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