@ Tejan Gupta sir ( Meritnation Expert) --- Please clarify the Doubt and answer this now:

​Tejan Gupta sir (Meritnation Expert), You had an answer to the below question, before some time...The answer to the related question was very simple ones for my exhibition... Please answer a bit more better and specifically.. The experiment or activity was not at all based on the features, characteristics and the terminologists related to a Gyroscope...
This time please check the underlined text. 

The Question was-

How to make and construct a ​little and better  complex and proper working model of Gyroscope ?

Please include the following points in the answer- 

·         Please list the possible and easily available materials required for making a simple gyroscope. 
·         Write entire procedure step by step in simple words, with the help of diagrams.
·         Also, state the aim or motto behind  that experiment in the model.
Please provide an appropriate diagram for the experiment in the model. 

Actually, I have done research on Gyroscope and its pression at Meritnation... so please  don't  provide  any link  from the Ask& Answer at Meritnation .. Because I have already gone through all those perfectally. }

Experts, please don't give any excuses regarding this question. Actually , I want this for my Science exhibition. 

Dear student,

It is typically a disc-shaped object that won’t move in certain directions when it is spun on its axis at high speeds. A gyroscope demonstrates Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, which states that an object at rest or in motion will stay that way until another force acts to change that. It can also show the principles of precession, angular momentum and torque.

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

Attach the bicycle handles to the wheel’s axle on both sides. The handles should have a hollow center that will slip over the center axle on both sides of the wheel. This will allow you to hold the wheel without obstructing its spinning movement.

Tie the rope to one side of the wheel in between the handle and the wheel. Tie a double or triple knot to ensure the wheel is securely attached to the rope. Cut any loose pieces of rope so that they don't get tangled in the spokes of the wheel.

Suspend the wheel by the rope on the doorway using the nail or hook. A porch or covered patio will work. The hook should be pushed or hammered into a wood beam so it does not detach.
Most gyroscopes have three rings, or gimbals, around the center that help to isolate the center rotor from torque effects.


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Good Afternoon!
I am the asker of this question. 
@ Tejan sir (Meritnation Expert):

Actually, the idea for my gyroscope is based on this figure:

Actually, I want the answer of making this gyroscope, with required  materials, also I want how would the actual Gyroscope will look, after your step wise answer ... in every step. 

Yours faithfully, 
Santanu Sahoo 
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