television a blessing or curse article 150 to 200 words

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- Television is a great medium to entertain and inform.
- It airs many educational programmes for children.
- There are many programmes that teach life skills like cooking, carpentry, painting, art and craft.
- Lockdown has proved the importance of a television as a source of entertainment for teh whoel family. 
- With the increase in the number of channels and programmes being aired, there is a proportional increase in TV-watching time.
- Often, we find people sitting like couch potatoes glued to their television screen.
- They just keep eating junk food like fried chips, buttery popcorn or pizza while watching television.
- This sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain and obesity.
- More and more number of young children are falling prey to lifestyle related obesity.
- Many people get addicted to watching TV and neglect their school and office work.
- At times, people are exposed to inapporpriate or violent content on television.


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Dear Student,

Peony Roy.
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Television is was made for entertainment and TV shows .
There are many different forms of entertainment, cultural news, and daily news which reach a countless amount of viewers. Television is watched by most people. Television is a blessing However, children often see television programs such as cartoons, which unconsciously damage there eyes .
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