tell about poor management of surface and ground water of south india

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a. Water is a scarce resource and a life saving resource, it is required for the very sustainence of life.
b. Drought like conditions have been prevalent in many parts of our country
c. Though there are natural factors like less rainfall, overall climate change that can be attributed to water scarcity, but there are many human factors as well
d. Lack of proper investment in building reservoirs, in storage facilities and lack of proper management of groundwater resources also impacts the water scarcity
e. Surface water basically comes from lakes, rivers, ponds, though we have been able to use them , still there are constraints like topography , of the region that impacts its usage to the fullest
f. Also there is a lack of proper surface management distribution system\
g. Further, with regard to use of ground water , it is being excessive exploited in South India., but we have also witness indiscriminate use of water resources, here it is the poor who are impacted and rich farmers are able to use it to the optimum
h. Lack of proper rules with regard to use of groundwater resources
i. In south India, ‚Äč conjunctive management of surface and groundwater resources has helped many regions
j. It has rather helped in meeting irrigation system, replenishing ground water


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