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Dear StudentThe gaps have been filledC1. Customer :_____buy a skirt_____Salesgirl:______you like red colour?Customer:_____ that one please.Salesgirl:____red frock.Customer: _____This is really nice !Customer: _____for the frock?Salesgirl:______cost just Rs 500.Customer:_____ pack it .2. Sharmista :_____go toTina:____I have leg pain!Sharmista :_____happened?Sharmista :_____please take rest.Tina:____like to play chess?Sharmista :_____Ok that is great! I like playing chessTina:____bring Regards

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due to infrequent power supply in your locality you decided to write a letter to the MLA of your region before doing so you want to call for a meeting of the office bearers of the residents residents welfare Association of the society
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