tell me the difference between pesticides and weedicides

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the difference between the pesticides and weedicides is that  pesticides are mainly used in killing insects and rats so specialy insecticides and rodenticides are called pesticides while,weedicides are those who remove plants which are unecesary  and not good for the growth of the original plant .

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1. Pesticides is used to kill disease causing germs.

2. It is sprayed on fruits and vegetables.


1. Weedicides is used in unwanted plants.

2. It is sprayed on wheets,seedsbefore they flower and produce it.

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  • Pesticides are chemicals sprayed on the main crop which are used to keep rodents and pests like aphids, locusts, grasshoppers etc., from the main crop. some examples of pesticides are malathion, chlorophyrigas and DDC.
  • Whereas weedicides are chemicals which are sprayed in the fields to remove unwanted plants called weeds.they do not harm the main crop as they are diluted before spraying so that it does not cause harm to the main crop
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pesticides are used to kill pests...mainly...and weedicides to kill the weeds....

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 Pesticides R De medicines or chemicals sprayed in de feilds , all over  de crops to kill pests without harming de crops.

Weedicides R de chemicals sprayed on de crops to kill weeds or unwanted plants, but if too much is sprayed , it harms de crops

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