tell me the parts of a burning flame of candle

A burning candle flame contains three distinct parts

  1. The innermost zone: It is directly above the wick and contains wax vapors . It has lowest temperature.
  2. The middle zone: It is a yellow portion of flame which is oxygen depleted zone and so here only the partial oxidation occurs, but the oxygen is insufficient to burn all the vapors present. The temperature of this zone is hotter than the innermost zone.
  3.  The Outer zone: It is the area where the flame is hottest and the oxidation process is complete.

Best diagramatic represntation is :


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 Outer Zone- It Is Called Non Luminous Zone Of The Flame.It Has The Highest Temperature Of All The Zones And Is Called The Zone Of Complete Combustion.It Is Blue In Color

Middle Zone- It Is Called Luminous Zone Of The Flame.It Has The Average temperature and is the zone of Partial Combustion.It Is Yellow In Color.In This Zone Unburnt Carbon Particles May Incompletely Burn

Inner Zone- It Is Called Black Zone Of The Flame.It Is The Zone Because Of The Presence Of Unburnt Carbon Particles And Partial Combustion Of Gases.It Is Least Hot

Innermost Zone- It Is Called Blue Zone.It Is Near The Wick And Is The Region Where Carbon Monoxide Burns

Image Courtesy- IIT Bombay

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